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Hardwood Floor Inspiration; Here are some hardwood floor types and hues with upsides and downsides! In the event that you are in the market for hard wood flooring, at that point this is the post for you!

Hey Beauties!

Most importantly, I trust everybody had an astounding occasion. It was Elliott’s first Christmas and it sure was otherworldly! Nothing is better than having another child around the Christmas season. We had a great time acquainting her with all her more distant family.

Since another child has been acquainted with our family, our way of life surely has changed! What’s more, presently I wouldn’t have it some other way ?

Yet, all things considered.. we unquestionably have a few changes we have to make with our home. Our infant is as of now 2 months old and we are needing some truly infant security deal with our home done.. beginning with our floors.

Why you may inquire? Well.. we brought down a divider between our front room and kitchen a year ago which left an opening in our floor. At the present time we simply have a board to level out the opening. In any case, when our child begins creeping.. this won’t be alright for her. We have to supplant all the deck on our fundamental level (which was consistently the arrangement yet now we have a greater motivation to complete it!).

So obviously I hit Pinterest to discover some hardwood flooring motivation to enable me to pick what shading we need. At that point I understood there are WAY to numerous sorts of hardwood ground surface and I have a ton of figuring out how to do before I settle on my choice.



Strong hardwood flooring is actually what you would envision it to be. It is wood flooring development from a whole bit of wood. It has bona fide and natural appeal. It is profoundly solid and can even endure forever!

The cons of strong hardwood flooring is that it tends to be very expensive (which might be normal) and furthermore has a higher defenselessness to dampness harm.


Designed hardwood flooring is developed from numerous layers of wood that is squeezed together to frame a board. One layer of genuine hardwood is appended on head of this multi layer to give it that hardwood appearance. It is less vulnerable to dampness harm and withstand stickiness changes inside the home. Another in addition to side is the cost. It is much more reasonable in contrast with normal hardwood floor.

The cons of designed hardwood flooring is that it can not be sanded/revamped, it’s not as strong, and it doesn’t increase the value of your homeā€¦ yet built hardwood is still A LOT better at that point overlay flooring.



White oak is my main decision at the present time. It is pale earthy colored in shading and frequently has a pink or dim tint to it. I love the appearance of white oak when it has to a greater degree a natural tone to it.


I would state maple is the most particular of all the hardwood floor materials. It has a great deal of grain to its appearance. It is additionally one of the hardest and generally tough of all the hardwood floor materials! I am thinking about it for our home in view of the sturdiness.. considering we have two canines who will in all likelihood be scratching it up!


Hickory has a medium tan earthy colored shading. It can likewise have some red tints to it also. It is on the more pricer side of all the hardwood flooring due to its outrageous strength and durability. Because of this it is more earnestly to cut (which is the reason it is as a rule up valued).


Pecan is a very famous deck type. It has a rich earthy colored shading that regularly contains a purple tint. Pecan is one of the most costly kinds of hardwood flooring.

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