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With the pleasant extension of home + life posts on Something Turquoise, it just appeared to be fitting that we visit about home office motivation. In case you’re in any way similar to me, you’re adjusting numerous occupations and activities from work to home and everything in the middle. Attempting to locate an adorable, persuasive and composed command post to have the option to chip away at well… work, different tasks and more while at home was exactly what I required.

Have you at any point Googled ‘home office motivation’? Between huge uniquely manufactured home workplaces that are clearly not an extra room in their homes to little quarters like work area spaces, I experienced difficulty finding such a motivation that I was envisioning in my psyche or that was reasonable for my space (an extra room upstairs in our home). I needed to make a spot where I could work and sort out our home reports (hi, finding a birth testament when we really need it!) in a space where I really needed to be. I need it to feel like my style while being light, breezy and comfortable with a bit of boho gentility.

My ‘must-have’s’ include: an enormous work area that accommodates my style, however will hold a PC with two screens, charming association for archives (marriage permit, visas, and so on.), racking for stylistic layout and report association, a comfortable floor covering and office seat and space for my center points and puppies to hang out. Along these lines, similar to us all great Googlers do, I began searching for bits of motivation on the web!

Could I simply move in? I love the way light, splendid and boho this space feels. Bunches of wood complements and that boho light fixture..swoon! Adoring the woven crates and the spotless look and feel are definitely fit for my strengths.

Gold + metal accents with bits of greenery + woven containers? Indeed, if it’s not too much trouble I’m additionally adoring a comfortable floor covering under my work area and seat to acquire the comfortable vibe.

Once more, gold accents are my thing and I love the dash of womanliness they add to the space. I’m likewise cherishing having my work area not pushed in a bad position since I’m ready to utilize the entire room. Another viewpoint I’m preferring is a racking. I’d prefer to have the extra space to have the option to hold some archive sorting out compartments and my Google Home Mini for music while as yet having the option to feature some charming signage and stylistic theme.

I’m adoring this round gold/metal mirror. I think it includes the ideal bit of divider style while being more female than only a standard mirror… which obviously I have two or three mirrors all set for my space, however now feel like I DEFINITELY need one of these!

In this room, I’m cherishing the entirety of the comfortable regular surfaces and heaps of wood which causes the space to feel so warm. Likewise, no home office (or any room as I would like to think) is comfortable enough without a toss cover particularly in your work area seat. I’m only a #blanketburrito here!

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